Monroeville / Monroe County Chamber
Leadership Now
Leadership Now! Is designed to prepare and build leadership resources within our area. The group of participants will be comprised of leaders and emerging leaders. They will receive an intense view of our resources through direct contact with a wide spectrum of institutions that keep Monroe County moving forward. Leadership Now! Is a hands-on look at Monroe County.

· Increase awareness of community issues
· Identify and encourage existing and potential community leaders
· Encourage a more cooperative spirit among communities in Monroe County
· Create an active network of informed, concerned citizens to guide the political and economic future of Monroe County.
Participants must also attend one City Council meeting and one County Commission meeting. Participants will work as a group on one major project.

*All sessions are on Thursdays, except the final program.

Commitment to fully participate in the Leadership Now! Program is essential. The applicant and CEO or immediate supervisor is asked to commit to the attendance and participation at the time the application is submitted.

· Nominees should be individuals who have strong leadership qualities and who would contribute to and benefit from Leadership Now!
· Self-nominations are encouraged.
· Nominees shall complete an application form and return it to the Chamber of Commerce with a $10.00 nonrefundable fee.
· The Selection Committee shall review all applications and submit nominations to the Board of Directors. In selecting nominees, the Committee shall attempt to represent a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations throughout Monroe County.
· Upon notification of acceptance, participants should submit the $500.00 tuition check within ten calendar days.
· No individual, business or organization is guaranteed a representative (s) in the Leadership Now! Program.

· Monroe County “Leadership Now!” is entering its 19th year.
· The program is managed under the direction of the Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.
· Graduates of the program currently number 289.

Please complete the attached application form and return it to the Chamber of Commerce by September 09, 2015.

** There is limited availability of partial scholarships
to community volunteers. **
Trey Andrews
BUSINESS: Alabama AG Credit
Address: Post Office Box 709
Monroeville, AL 36461
Phone: (251)743-2865

Marshall Black
BUSINESS: Peoples Exchange Bank
Position: Mortgage Office
Business Address: Post Office Box 865
Monroeville Alabama 36461
Business Phone: (251) 575-4555
Fax #: (251) 575-2948

Tori Jones
BUSINESS: Alabama Southern Community College
Position:Student Activities Coordinator/Recruiter
Business Address: Post Office Box 2000,
Monroeville, AL 36461
Business Phone: (251) 575-3156
Fax #: (251)575-5356

Chrissy Sturdivant
BUSINESS: Rockey Creek Lumber Co.
Position: HR Manager
Business Address:372 Mexaboro Road,
Frisco City, AL 36445
Business Phone: (251) 575-7300
Fax: (251) 575-3343
Keith Baggett
BUSINESS: Englewood Health Care
Position: Administrator
Business Address: 2046 South Alabama Avenue,
Monroeville, AL 36460
Business Phone: (251)575-3285
Fax #: (251) 743-9736

Jason Boothe
BUSINESS: First National Bank & Trust
Position:Business Development Manager
Business Address:Post Office Box 370,
Excel, Alabama 36439
Business Phone: (251) 765-9071
Fax #: (251) 765-9022

Stephen Maddox
Position: Program Director
Business Address: 2197 South Mount Pleasant Avenue,
Monroeville,AL 36460
Business Phone: (251)575-9622
Fax: (251)575-4933

Marilyn McCorkel
BUSINESS: Bank Trust
Position: Teller
Business Address: Post Office Box 806,
Monroeville, AL 36461
Business Phone: (251) 575-3132
Fax: (251) 575-3135
Lisa Laye
BUSINESS: Alabama Power
Position: Office Manager
Business Address: 1550 South Alabama Avenue,
Monroeville Alabama 36460
Business Phone: (251) 743-5328
Fax #: (251) 743-5340

Jordan Bradshaw
BUSINESS: Alabama River Cellulose
Position: Safety & Health Leader
Business Address: 2372 Lena Landegger Highway,
Perdue Hill, Al 36470
Business Phone: (251)743-8882
Fax #:

Bradley Martens
BUSINESS: Monroeville/Monroe County EDA
Position:Assistant Director for Communications
Business Address: 15 North Mount Pleasant Avenue,
Monroeville, AL 36460
Business Phone: (251) 743-1332
Fax: (251) 743-2012

Roger Leva
BUSINESS: Holiday Inn Express
Position: Owner
Business Address:120 Hwy 21 South
Monroeville, AL 36460
Business Phone: (251)743-3333
Fax: (251) 575-2876